There has been an amateur radio contingent present at every EMF Camp event, gradually getting better organised as time goes on. I’m sure, eventually, we’ll get it right.


Milton Keynes. No formally organised group - just the natural overlap of EMF Camp attendees who happened to bring radios with them. There was also some high-altitude balloon tracking.


Milton Keynes. The first thing which could be described as an “Amateur Radio Village” happened this year. Also, our special event call, GB2EMF, was first issued for this event. We had a HF beam and a VHF/UHF vertical and demonstrated amateur radio to anyone willing to stand still for long enough.


Guildford. A lot more organised. As well as a special event call, we had an on-site repeater, satellite tracking yagis, a HF beam on a 12 metre mast and a beer fridge. We also experimented with web based contact logging and sent APRS packets to the International Space Station.


Eastnor. The AMSAT UK guys were in the neighbouring village, and they had big antennas for satellite, so we focussed on other areas. Our repeater was upgraded to be an internet-linked, multi-mode FM and DMR setup called The Hub. We also had an on-site APRS digipeater. The geography around the Eastnor site made communication outside the site challenging, but some of us climbed a nearby hill to take part in a VHF contest.


We have had some thoughts about how to make the next event bigger and better, but will need help! If you have a good idea or, better yet, something you want to bring along and show off then get in touch and let us know.